Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Flat

Well, I have to say that the accommodations here are very nice. I heard plenty of horror stories on Facebook about our apartments, so I was kind of expecting the worst. I love it when I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'll post new pictures as I make the space a bit more of my own & as the year progresses. For now, though, this was my view when I first crossed the threshold to the place.

Kitchen: complete with oven, fridge, sink, pots, pans, plates, cups, toaster, microwave, hotpot, iron, AND a 2-in-1 washer/dryer. (More about this washer/dryer thing to come.)

Stove top/Oven: Looking forward to baking some Kate Riker chocolate chip cookies! They are going to be popping out of this baby soon . . . once I figure out how to turn it on and make it work! (And once I find some chocolate chips. No luck so far on that one.)

Living Room/Dining Room: Not so much my style, but not really going to worry about it too much. White walls everywhere are a bit life-less, but I guess the art on the walls makes up for it--it's quite vibrant. ;-) I was told that I was allowed to paint and switch out furniture, but we'll have to see if this is really the case. That sounds a bit too good to be true. I haven’t turned on the t.v. yet, but there are supposedly channels from a variety of different countries.

Bathroom: Typical shower/tub, sink, toilet . . . and bidet. (I'm kind of scared of it--haven't touched it yet.)

Bedroom: Um . . . I’m going to be swimming in that bed. It is huge compared to my very dear little bed back home. There's also a huge closet, dresser, and then drawers in the nightstands.

Settling in: Air conditioning, giant, soft bed, computer, journal. Yes, this is going to be a delightfully relaxing afternoon.


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David Krohse said...

Looks really nice. This can't be the same apartment complex that others complained about, can it?