Friday, August 14, 2009

Theme Song: This Time Tomorrow

While I'm waiting for my plane tickets to come and my adventure to start, I thought I'd share one of my favorite travel songs.

Title: "This Time Tomorrow" (1970)
Artist: The Kinks, a British boy band from the 1960s, are described as "one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time." If you don't recognize them by "This Time Tomorrow," you might be familiar with their hit, "You Really Got Me."

Between the sound effects of a plane taking off and a banjo in the background, I'm hooked from the beginning. I also love the transformation of the tone from start to finish. In a defeated almost melancholy voice, Davies starts off by asking, "This time tomorrow/Where will we be ? . . ." Less than three minutes later, he finishes with the same question--only at the end, his words hint of confidence and celebration. A commanding piano and crashing drum line support the new bravado.

Travel is sorta like that for me. There are so many unknowns--especially in the beginning. This trip in particular seems more vague than most of my other adventures. My employers finalize plans and make decisions on their own time. Details are painfully slow in coming. I am anxious to know where I will be living, what teaching will be like, and how I will ever manage to adapt to a completely new culture on an unfamiliar continent. At least once a day I ask myself, Why am I doing this?

That's when I start listening to songs like "This Time Tomorrow." Without ignoring the inevitable loneliness and fear that are part of the package deal, it inspires me to gear up, hop on board, and venture out--even if I "leave the sun behind me." Despite the inconveniences, it's good to be reminded every so often of the thrill of the unknown. Minimal plans equal maximum possibilites. The closing lines, "This time tomorrow/Where will we be?/This time tomorrow/This time tomorrow . . ." make me feel footloose n' fancy free. They make my head spin just thinking about all of the opportunities and adventures that await. You just never know what a day may bring!
(However, I'm sure hoping it will bring my tickets!!!)


Wendy said...

stunning....and you were afraid you wouldn't know what to write? I know your head is full of much more of this =) Waiting with fingers crossed for "this time tomorrow"

Jill said...

I think our employer was just waiting for you to get the perfect masthead up to send your tickets. Maybe if I set up my blog... I will get an email soon too! Miss you already! See you in a week or so... :)