Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Well, Wednesday was my first day of school!!
. . . And not a single student came!

Considering that everything was [still is!] a bit uncertain right down to the last minute, I think this was actually a good thing. Not to mention the fact that it would have been hard to teach kids in my room as it was still kind of a mess:

Isn't it beautiful? I love the green and all of the natural light!

If I didn't get any kids, at least the first day of school was a day for getting some answers. Here's what I know about the upcoming year:
  • Teacher: Miss Molly (Students address teachers by their first names, not last names.)
  • Grade: 1
  • Sections: 3 & 4; Section 3 in the morning and Section 4 in the afternoon
  • Start of school day: 7:45 am We will be meeting in the auditorium at the beginning of each day for a patriotic-themed assembly.
  • End of the school day: 1:20 pm
  • Number of students: 20 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon
  • Subjects: English, Math, Science
  • School: We have a new school that is being reopened this year. It's just 5 minutes or so from the old school we were at last week.


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David Krohse said...

Your school looks very nice!