Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Discoveries: Yogi Tea

during one of my hottest, sweatiest, i-hate-transportation-in-this-town afternoons, i ducked into the marks & spencer building to cool off for a moment. when a moment wasn't enough, i ended up wandering around in the air conditioned space to prolong the inevitable return to the street heat. then, lucky me(!), my procrastination brought me to a little organic store and cafe!

i easily spent a good twenty minutes, walking up and down the aisles multiple times. as stupid as it sounds, it is honestly reassuring to see a few familiar brand names and labels. if you had been watching me, you would have most definitely seen my face light up when i spotted this on the shelf:

i first tasted egyptian licorice yogi tea in the sky bridge at wwu. it was love at first sip. pretty much each night after that, i'd tote a giant nalgene of this stuff with me to the library. it was supposed to help me power through evening study sessions, but i really should have picked something with caffeine . . .

'Spring Jamboree' (2007) // 'Mediterranean Madness' (2009)

a chilled cup of this goodness is also my beverage of choice for muggy AND modest birthday saunas. i know rosie might disagree, but it's sweet yet still deliciously light and refreshing--perfect for our party purposes.

anyway, it was an exciting little discovery. a piece of home. a role in an old routine. a toast to good times. mmmm . . . it makes me happy. next time you come over, i'd love to make you a cup.


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