Saturday, October 3, 2009


I had such good intentions of posting about my week. However, by the time the weekend actually rolled around, I was much too tired. And sick. (Digestive troubles all week and now a bad cold.) Think I am a little stressed?!

Last night at Bible study I was asked to use one word to describe my work. I couldn't decide between "adventurous," "wild," "Twilight Zone," or "survival." This morning, it's definitely survival.
  • Surviving a lack of order and schedule (The schedule changes every blessed day! We haven't started or finished school at the 'correct' time yet.)
  • Surviving having no materials (Umm...they want us to buy everything from pencils and paper to soap and papertowels for the bathroom. There is NOTHING but furniture in my school.)
  • Surviving without curriculum. (How exactly am I supposed to teach kids to read without books? I know it's been done in the past, but I am not so sure I know how to do it that way. A sequence in math and a few units for science would be nice, too.)
  • Surviving without an interpreter. (Getting little kids who have never been to school before and who don't know a lick of English to understand, listen, and follow directions is h-a-r-d.)
  • Surviving without a class list I can understand. (Ok, so I do have a class list. However, it's all in Arabic. I don't really know who is supposed to be in my class -- let alone how to spell or pronounce their names. I did a little translation myself. Fatima. Easy. Mariam. No problem. Whore? Hoor? Whoor? Problem!! Poor kiddo. I had to stop there--not so sure on that one!)
  • Surviving without any accountability and supervision. (Absent teachers + no subs = classrooms and classrooms of kids left to their own devises. No supervision during recess is also a bit problematic for me to watch. However, I keep telling myself, "When in Rome . . .")

Complain, complain, complain. Sorry. It has just been a really rough week. As Dave pointed out, "Well, what were you expecting?". Good question. I don't know what I was expecting, but I guess I was not really expecting it to feel so much like survival. Pure, raw, messy fight-to-keep-your-head-above-water survival. It certainly can't be the best for these little 5 & 6 year old babies. It doesn't feel so good for me, either.

Keeping on, keeping on.


Wendy said...

"breathe in, breathe out,..."


Linda said...

If those are pictures of your classroom, I'd say you have a good start. Even in a well-organized, structured, ENGLISH speaking classroom, I many times feel the same "survival" feelings you have now. (maybe not as extreme as yours - for I fear that what you are going through would be horrendous) Keep trying and always expect to succeed.

Ann said...

You are an incredibly strong woman. Just reading about your adventures, I can see why "Twilight Zone" might be an appropriate description.

Things will work out, somehow. They will. Until then, it is an adventure -- even if it isn't always the joyful kind.

Molly said...

thank you all for your encouragement! i am keeping what you've said in mind. each days is quite an adventure. oh my word!!

linda--it was so good to hear that even wonderful, veteran kindergarten teachers have their days, too.