Saturday, November 14, 2009

Discovering Tampico

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beverage of florescent loveliness on aisle 24 in the CarreFour. TAMPICO! WOOHOO!!

Before you put me in the category of die-hard Tampico fan, I need to tell you the important reasons why I am actually not qualified to be excited about Tampico:

1. I have never purchased it.
2. I have only sampled it once or twice.

3. When I did sample it, it was because I didn't have any other options.
4. It tastes kind of gross.

However, it's still quite significant to my life. What the sugary juice lacks in taste, it completely makes up for in meaning.

Tampico = Paul Faraca.

Paul, a good friend and former {kinda} housemate from the Elephant, always had a supply of this drink on hand. To him, a trip to Haggen would not be complete without buying a little Tampico. If there was ever a community meal or birthday celebration or picnic in the park, you could count on Paul to bring Tampico. I would not have been the least bit surprised if Paul and his gorgeously dear wife, Kellie, had drank to years of unlimited happiness and bliss from champagne flutes filled with Tampico at their wedding. (Just for the record, they didn't.) After their honeymoon, on my first visit to their new home, what did the couple offer me to drink? None other than the Tampico.

So, Paul, I would like to dedicate this little discovery to you and Kell. It was fun to stand in the aisle and think of the many good times we've all been able to share. Cheers to the Tampico that was nearly always present; a witness to it all. I miss you two!



Jill said...

Very well written, Molly.

Wendy said...

Hey Molly -- I have never tried Tampico --not sure if I want to. You are looking good. It is nice to see your smiling face.
((hugs X 6))

Paul Faraca said...

I just discovered this post through a google search of Kellie's name. I am honored to be included in your blog. I have to report that I am 5 years free of Tampico bit think upon it fondly.

Molly said...

Hi Paul! So funny that you found this. I haven't been the best about keeping my blog going, so this was a surprise. Even if you've moved past your Tampico phase I'm still missing you two! Sorry I don't keep in better touch! -Molly