Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back from Baku

It would be good to let some of you know that I made it back to my sunny little Emirate
. . . safe
. . . in one piece (though not entirely healthy--I've got a decent head cold hanging around)
. . . thankful for the little experiences & the great relationships that made it worthwhile
. . . appreciative of the country I call home
. . . already planning my next trip.

After five days of travelating, I most definitely have a lot of blogging to do. However, don't expect too much. Well, at least don't expect too many 'original' ideas and photos:
My camera died the first day of our trip. It turns on and off just fine, but that's about it. Anything else you want to do with it--like actually take a picture or change the setting or zoom out? Nada. I'm trying not to be too upset--after all, it's just a camera, right? Hmmmm . . . Easier said than done.

Now, I recognize that I'm not always the most careful or attentive person, but the 'accident' really didn't seem to be that traumatic. Seriously, how could such a little tumble cause so much damage?
One moment it was sitting on my daypack -- the next moment it was lying on the marble floor of an abandoned and decaying Soviet ballroom. At least this time it was in its case! Maybe a few of the 'other times' when it wasn't in its case have contributed to the current problem? I'm not sure. All I know is that I will probably need to buy a new camera. Any [not too expensive] suggestions?

Back to Baku: To read about our arrival and first morning, you can go here and here or here. I've requested copies of photos from Jill and Frances; I'm sure they'll come soon. In the meantime, my goal is to use this little waiting period as an opportunity to finish [hopefully at least a few] of my many abandoned posts.


Caption: During Frances' Ultimate Frisbee game, I wandered through the grounds of a run-down university. I hadn't poked around too long before I spotted an old, ramshackle, flat-tired car. After seeing nothing but fancy cars on these slick Abu Dhabian streets for three months,
I was quite happy to see an actual 'junker.' It was a refreshing sight and consequently seemed quite picture worthy.

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