Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday Wishes for Galen *updated*

Happy Birthday!!!

Here's just a few (of the many, many, many) reasons I'm glad you were born:

You have a great talent for making people laugh.
I mean, how many brothers were put in charge of potty-training their little sister by tap-dancing?

You are a good listener.
9 times out of 10, you'll be there to listen when I call you with a problem. Car drama, boy drama, work drama, Momma drama--you've heard it all. Not sure if I've told you this, but I don't think I've ever appreciated your willingness to listen more than during the summer of 2007.

You are generous.
I have seen the way you enjoy giving gifts and sharing what you have--even if it's not very much. Back in the day when I didn't think you had hardly any good qualities (like in 3rd grade or something) I remember realizing you were pretty cool to give me so much of your Halloween candy. Guess I found your generosity impressive then and I still find it impressive now.

You are a good driver.
Yes, you heard me--I am actually admitting it. Being an Abu Dhabi commuter for 4 months has convinced me that I should remain a pedestrian/passenger. You would do a much better job behind the wheel than I would.

You are fun.
Duh. Just look at this picture of us jumping on the bed.

(By the way, I love how you not only convinced mom to let us jump on her bed, you also got her to take the photos.)

You are up for adventure.
My top Molly-Galen Adventures include seeing how scared we could get when we turned off all of the lights in the basement, climbing as high as we could in the pine tree by the bus stop, building forts in the barn, playing "chase" with the rooster, sledding & making 'mostly-finished' snow caves, and exploring the collapsed railroad tunnel at the end of the Palouse River Trail.

You take life in stride and don't make a big deal about the little things.
Getting your head cut open by a dirt clod---No big deal. Setting the barn (and the fence and the field) on fire--No big deal. Almost driving the tractor off of the hill and into the road--No big deal. Me: Well, I'm just a bit more dramatic about everything. I like how you usually remain calm, even when I panic. (Remember the time I thought there were burglars in the basement? Case in point.)

You are a dreamer.
I love how you always have new schemes and plans. It's fun and refreshing to hear about your ideas. I also admire how you are usually a blue-sky thinker--even when the circumstances are less than ideal.

Wishing you many dreams come true this year! So glad to be able to celebrate who you are today!

*Sorry--I only had time to post the one picture this morning before I had to go!

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