Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Oh how I wish I could be there with you all! Since that can't quite happen this year, please consider this my Christmas card, my homemade Christmas gift, and my Christmas presence---all wrapped into one fantastically dazzling music video.

For a better viewing experience, you might try watching Christmas in the Mid East on YouTube. The size is a little funny on the blog.

Special thanks to Jill for all of the editing!

Merry Christmas everyone. I LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. Sorry for the singing. Jill and I may not know where we're headed after Abu Dhabi, but we agree that Broadway isn't likely. The track that actually made it on the video was the best take. Guaranteed. You don't even want to know how many times we attempted to sing it. Also, FYI (just in case you couldn't tell) the last line of the chorus is "Christmas in the Mid East is a gift God wrapped in beige."


David Krohse said...

Hope it goes viral. Slightly better than the hip hop wedding entrance but not quite as inspiring as Susan Boyles breakout moment. Merry Christmas.

Brie said...

Oh my gosh Molly!!!! That was seriously the best thing ever. Made my night my friend. I love it!!! I miss you my friend. Merry Christmas!


megan said...

Amazing! Merry Christmas Molly!

Wendy said...

Great Christmas card-the best we got this year. Merry Christmas.
Love Dad, Wendy & Critters

Emily Dailey said...

You remain an inspiration to me always. :) Merry Christmas! I miss you!

Deena Rathkamp said...

Good tidings, good tidings of comfort and joy (to be sung out loud from me to you). Your video was truly heart warming and had me start Christmas Day 2009 busting out laughing. Perfect! I had no idea you were in Abu Dhabi, and I'm awed, once again, by your adventurous spirit. Your photography is fabulous, and I'm especially enamored of your header. Here in Bellingham it's a quiet sunny morning (yes, actually S.U.N.N.Y.) and I'm about to bundle up and take a walk in all its loveliness, along with Greta, my dog.
Big Hug, Deena

Morgan said...

Molly, I love it! Tommy and I came home from Egypt for Christmas. You must be missing home like crazy - I know I was! Peace, Morgan

drcathvet said...

As always, your creativity and humor were stellar. I thought the voices were great too. Love, MOM