Monday, December 7, 2009

must . must . must

without a doubt, this must . must . must be the sweetest blog post i have ever read.

for me, the hardest part of being away from home is that i don't get to share life with most of the people i love. i miss these little kiddos so much that it makes my heart hurt.

thankfully, skype helps me feel a bit closer. this is what i get to see from my side of the world. it's not the greatest picture, but it's an amazingly wonderful view.

love you.


Wendy said...

We miss you too. Coming back to the COLD for Christmas?

Molly said...

i wish! christmas is just another day around here---nothing special. at least it falls on the weekend!

David Krohse said...

That is fun. I just got a new laptop for work and I think it might have a camera built in. Might be able to video chat before long.