Thursday, February 18, 2010

28 Good Reasons . . .

There were a few moments on the Thailand trip when I caught myself thinking, "You know, you don't have to go back to Abu Dhabi . . . "

Even though those moments were tempting, they were also fleeting. In addition to a rather strong sense of duty, enough wits to know that I need a paycheck, and the fact that I left my computer in Abu Dhabi, I had 28 other really goods reasons to come back. Those reasons are, in alphabetical order, Al Hanoof, Al Hanoof, Alya, Alyazi, Anhar, Dana, Fatima, Fatima, Hamda, Haya, Maitha, Mariam, Moneera, Noora, Noora, Noora, Ranaa, Reem, Reham, Salama, Salamah, Sara, Shaikha, Shaikha, Shama, Shamsa, Shaqra, and Shoque.

This first week was, as I expected, a bit rough. However, the bitter taste of getting back into the 'daily grind' was definitely sweetened by 28 familiar smiles, 56 arms stretching out for hugs, and more endearing silliness than I can even quantify.

Here are a few of my kiddos getting ready to perform "Alice the Camel" for the school. Sorry you can't see their faces--modesty, you know!

After three weeks apart from each other, I missed my girls. I think it's fair to say that they missed me too. Despite the annoyances of working for my employer, the frustrating lack of resources, and the daily reminders I really don't have a clue what I'm doing, these little people make it worth it. For them, I'm glad to come back.


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Kate said...


I've been enjoying your more frequent postings! Your kids are darling; they are so lucky to have you back! I know what you mean about Thailand, though... it is so tempting for me to drop out of law school and take up residence in a thatched hut on the beach and go snorkeling every day... Love!