Saturday, February 13, 2010


If you haven't figured it out yet, I'll fill you in on a little not-so-secret secret: I'm much better at having adventures than I am at recording them.

I kinda already knew this before starting the blog, but I had high hopes that somehow, this time, it might be different. For me, when push comes to shove, the blog gets nudged closer and closer to the bottom of the priority list. (Some might actually call this more of a 'drop kick' motion than a nudge.) I admire (and let's be honest . . . envy) those lovely people who breeze through daily routines with enough elbow room in their schedules to create and listen and look and socialize and sleep and whateverelsetheyliketodo that makes them happy. To top it off, they not only do all of those wonderful things, they also seem to find the time to blog about it. Like I said, I find it impressive. Darn impressive. I also find it a bit beyond me. So, if I have to pick an area of focus, I think I'll stick to pursuing the adventures. Hopefully, someday, the 'sharing them on the blog' bit will fall into place.

To justify my absence (Me? Defensive?!?) I'd like to end this post with a brief recount of my adventures during the past month and a half:

---adventures camping with goats and listening to screams in the night and waking up in a the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah
---adventures counting and singing and drawing and reading and writing with my incredible, adorable, lovable little kiddos (this, coupled with the necessary yet still burdensome hassle of report cards and grading and planning, is further complicated by the unnecessary yet still burdensome hassle of having too many bosses who don't know what in the world is going on and who like to contradict each other so that you constantly have to change things. {phew!} yes, my job definitely takes up the great majority of my time.)
---adventures in fine dining with friends each week at Hump Day Dinner and again at Crossroads Bible Study (samplings include dosas and pasta with contraband bacon(!) and spritzers and pigeon pie)
---a few little random adventures like biking the city streets, getting my UAE driver's license, bowling, and going to Flamenco concerts
---adventures with the junior high youth group at my church (In this instnace, I almost think adventure is an understatement--they're crazy!)
---adventures traipsing through Thailand for 2 weeks with Jill! It was really a whiz-bang of a trip (think elephants, cities, sunshine, kingdoms, colorful buddhas, ruins, beaches, puppies, green curries and even a few massages); I liked it quite a bit.

In case I dive back down deep and don't bob back up to the surface for a bit, don't worry. I'm still here. I'm probably just a little short on time, energy, and effort . . . which was most likely well spent on my last adventure . . .


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Jill said...

See, I can do the blogging. It's the delivering Valentine's Day English muffins to my friends' doors before 6:15 in the morning that amazes me!!! Love you Mol!