Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Very Sweet Birthday

The day before my birthday, I woke up to find this message posted on my Facebook wall:

Eat lots of sugary goodness; it's your birthday, you're entitled.

Well, Ms. April, I guess birthday wishes really do come true. My birthday in Abu Dhabi was very sweet indeed.

It started with an early birthday party at Jill's . . .
Since my lovely friend, Sarah, happens to celebrate her birthday on March 1st, Jill threw us a double birthday bash. She went all out with a kid-themed evening complete with delicious food, a homemade happy birthday banner, and an exceptional cake. We even played the old classic party game: "Pin the Hump on the Camel". (Well, classic but with a culturally appropriate twist.)

The birthday girls

which was followed by cupcakes for breakfast when Lisa & Esther jumped out of my closet at work . . .

These were so good I had 2!

. . . and continued with a delightful birthday dinner.

My friends, Cait & Eda, hosted a party with friends from church. They even went to the trouble to bake me my most favoritest birthday sweet: angel food cake.

The crew enjoying lasagna,salad, and a few birthday hat sprinkles on the side.

But wait! It didn't stop there!

The birthday celebrations continued halfway around the world! All the way back in Washington, this birthday party was being held in my honor.
My favorite party critters

The accompanying pictures of these happy little people was a very special birthday gift. Their homemade birthday videos? Well, those were definitely the icing on the cake!

You can watch more birthday cheer here and here.

Thank you all for such a sweet birthday!

1. Sunshine, lavender and so much thoughtfulness from Wendy
2. Cupcakes from Esther; as good as if they came straight from New York City's legendary Magnolia bakery
3. Rainbow cake from Jill; This cake is nothing less than epic!

Thanks to Cait, Jill, and Wendy for the photos!

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