Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Egypt: First Views

Through these doors you'll see my 2 fellow travelators and our first views of Cairo!

Miss Hannah booked us a few nights in the low-key and mostly charming Meramees Hostel. It was in nice neighborhood next to a shop with top notch mango juice and just a walk away from the Nile and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

From our room on the 6th floor, we could look out and see the skyline during the golden hour. It' a bit sad, but we all noticed the quality of the air. In addition to being much cooler than Abu Dhabi, the air seemed . . . dare I say . . . fresh? Normally Cairo and fresh air aren't in the same sentence. However, you lower your standards quite a bit if you're from Abu Dhabi.

We also noticed that our room was next door to a mosque. And a church. Guess who heard the call to prayer at 4:30 each morning?

crescent and cross

In addition to a pretty helpful and chill staff, the hostel had some one-of-a-kind features. Here are 3 of my favorite charms:

snazzy leopard print bed spread

high ceilings, wooden floors, french doors, and little balconies

And my favorite . . .

an old fashioned elevator! Even though you had to have the right touch to get it to work and it only went one way, we were enthusiastic patrons. I was impressed with the way it was amazingly quiet. I also enjoyed how you could make it stop--even between floors--just by pulling open the door.

The first views of Cairo on Day 1 were quite favorable. It was a nice start to our mini Spring Break.


joanne said...

An elevator that goes only one way?

Molly said...

sort of. :) it definitely went up AND down, but passengers could only go up. the stairs were our ticket down . . .