Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slice of Life: Tis the Season

Summer is coming . . .
It's time to trim the trees.
Camping trips are over.
Buses are getting a bit stinkier.
The malls fill up and the beaches thin out.
Shade becomes a hot commodity.
Air conditioners go up, up, up.
Beach water becomes bath water.
Siesta time makes perfect sense.
Nights are humid.
Hot is becoming hotter.



Wendy said...

And here we are excited that it's supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend! We have been watching the temp on your weather going up and up. Soon you will be where the sun is not so hot.

Hope you have a great weekend!

ps... like the "hot commodity" bit

Molly said...

i'm tempted to have you purchase a key chain thermometer and send it my way. i feel rather eccentric, but when i'm walking around in the scorching sun or sweating while waiting for the bus i'm always curious to know just how hot it is. phew!