Monday, June 28, 2010

countdown - 10

10 days/10 hikes
10 days until i'm on my way home/10 trails i'm looking forward to hiking!

snapshots from some of my favorite hikes over the years

hiking wish list . summer 2010

1. Lake Ann (attempted back in the day when i was into night hikes; now i want to actually see it in the daylight)
2. Green Mountain (roads have been washed out for a bit; fingers are crossed that parks and rec have been busy this spring)
3. Lost Lake Overview (ditto)
4. Skyline Divide (ditto)
5. Heliotrope Ridge (ready for the view on a clear day; i hear it's a stunner!)
6. Yellow Aster Butte (best of memories on this hike; i'm excited to do it again)
7. Sauk Mountain (definite winner)
8. Cascade Pass (it's a looong drive to the trailhead, but definitely worth it; i'm planning on taking my mom up this time!)
9. Park Butte Lookout (attempted, but due to less than ideal conditions -- aka a freakin' blizzard--we had to abort the mission)
10. Corky's Trail (one of my very favorite places on this whole big earth)

ready for summer recess,

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