Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Quest!

So there's this cool lady named Nichole. She has a beautiful blog. Earlier this spring, she did a lot of work to uncover the best biscuit recipe on the planet. Here are her results: Bliss.

Then there's this other talented woman who just happens to be the co-author of another very creative blog. Instead of biscuits, MAV had a passion for pancakes. In fact, she spent a whole year looking for the perfect recipe. She came up with this: PureYum.

After a lovely dinner in Dubai, I decided to take on a little quest of my own. Something along the lines of . . . .

(I wish I could remember the name of the cafe where I enjoyed this little appetizer. Their recipe was inspiring!)

Now I'm trying not to be too ambitious, but by the end of August I'd simply like to possess the premier bruschetta recipe known to man.

I'm not exactly sure how to begin, but I will probably start by looking here. Fortunately, I'll be able to buy fresh ingredients here. Or, better yet, I'll be able to pluck them straight from the garden here.

It's gonna be good,

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