Thursday, June 10, 2010

Urban Assault 1.0

Ever felt like taking a shower in your own sweat?
If so, then Urban Assault is for you!!

Okay, so maybe if I'm serious about getting new recruits I'd better come up with a different advertising slogan. Whatever it takes, I would genuinely like to convince you to be on my team for the next Urban Assault!

Look at all the fun we're having!

1. Is it fair to call for a taxi?! Checkpoint No. 5 (The camera was fogging up because of the humidity.)
2. Out on the jetty; Checkpoint No. 2
3. My job was "Water Girl" which meant that every 5 minutes I'd yell at you to drink more fluids!; Checkpoint No. 5
4. Our other Abu Dhabi buddies/competitors; Checkpoint No. 1

Urban Assault is a fun little race in Dubai. The object is to use your own two feet and a gps to guide you to 6 designated checkpoints in downtown Dubai. First team to get to all of the points and make it back to the starting point is the winner. (Think geocache-- adrenaline version. If that doesn't help you get a sense of it, then picture a big treasure hunt for adults where everyone runs around.)

Go, team, go!
1. Jumeraih Beach 2. Mosque at Iftar

We had our first race yesterday.
Here are our stats:
1 team
4 people
1 gps
5 out of 6 check points (Our excuse is that we were tired . . . )
19k (The last check point was at least another 8 more k. Ugh.)
97 degrees
53% humidity
2 hours, 43 minutes

Khalas! We made it back to the car!
Drew, Clint, Molly, Jenn

Although we came in almost last place, we put in a good effort. Not bad for our first go at it. Maybe next time we'll actually train. It may be too much to ask, but I wouldn't mind running in lower temps, as well.

Looking forward to Urban Assault 2.0! Hope you will try it with me!

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