Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Jill and I decided to take another last minute weekend trip. This time we're headed to . . .

. . . . INDIA!

All I can say is that desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank goodness Jill is as crazy as I am. (wink, wink) So far, things have come together better than I imagined: we found cheap tickets, our visas were processed in 2 days (!!), and we were able to patch together a pretty exciting itinerary.

Flying out after work tonight, arriving back in Abu Dhabi an hour before we're supposed to report to work on Sunday. Let's hope we make it!

Be back soon!


David Krohse said...

Very hard not to be jealous.

Brandon said...

well done molly.

this is why you are in abu dhabi!

we miss you and think of you often. yesterday was the last day of school for bham schools...i am sure you didn't miss anything too important. be glad that you are where you are.