Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flying High

image from bloom, grow, love

I've schedule this post to go up right about the same time that I'll be going up uP UP!
Here's the plan:

Ah! I am sooooo very giddy right now! See you soon!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

countdown - 1

1 day/1 horse
there is one very special friend that i'm absolutely dying to spend some time with in a few days. drum roll please . . . . . . .




i kinda sorta used to have a little obsession with this guy.

hee hee!

countdown - 2

2 days/2 'homes'
while i'm home i have a rough plan to spend 1/2 my time with my mom and 1/2 my time with my dad. hence, my 2 best bases will be colfax and bellingham.

i love colfax for its rolling wheat fields;

that 'small-town feel';

big, wide-open skies;

and the loving community of incredible people who helped me grow for the first 18 years of my life.

bellingham has earned itself a reputation and is known as "the city of subdued excitement". it's a pretty fitting title as there really are a lot of things to get excited about. here are a few of my favorites:
sunsets over the bay;


green, green, and more green;

community events like the farmer's market, movies on the village green, ski to sea, and hula hoop night;

and SO many wonderful people.

so maybe it's not west virginia, but i think ol' john den says it so well:

get me home!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

countdown - 3

3 days/3 little things i'm not going to take for granted

1. being able to wear cute clothes in public.
i am BIG TIME tired of my clothes over here. potato sacks are only so attractive.
now i've always been into thrift stores, but all of the cute cute summer dresses here and here have made me even more excited than usual to hit up a few sales.
tanks. shorts. skirts. summer dresses. kachowpow.

i could make this my summer uniform.

i'm also into the polkas.

2. the freedom that comes with being able to drive
i do have an emirati driver's license. however . . . i don't have a car and i'm too scared to drive over here. being independently mobile sounds almost as blissful as it did when i was a sophmore. whoo!

(oops! i forgot where i really got this. bad blogger.)

3. understanding what people have to say; being understood when i have something to say.

this is my whuh? expression. it's a bit overused by now. i'm ready for a new look. photo from battered suitcases

i feel like that last one is hard to explain. while i really do love living in such a diverse, multicultural, multilingual city, communication is often a challenge. even though english is the lingua franca, there are very few native english speakers. as you can imagine, when most of the population operates in a language that is not their mother tongue, it leaves lots of room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. now things would be completely different if i was fluent in
but since i'm not, i'm admittedly looking forward to being able to express myself and know that the person receiving the message gets it--really gets it--on the first try.

y'alla bye,

Monday, July 5, 2010

countdown - 4

4 days/4 grandparents
i'm lucky enough to have 2 sets of grandparents still alive and kickin'!

1. 'pop' and grandma rina 2. grandpa and grandma mc

when i think of my grandparents i can't help but smile about gardens; inside jokes; baklava; croquet; card games; macaroni and cheese; updates on all my cousins; jelly beans; tire swings; practical jokes; fried chicken; art studios; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning; stories of hard work, hanging on, and learning to live without; hot fudge sundaes; good hugs; Sunday drives; and more support and love than i could ever deserve.

guess what?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

countdown - 5

5 days/5 camping trips
summer just wouldn't be summer without a few camping trips!

i don't have definite plans, but i do people and places in mind:
1. camping with faith. i have such good memories of our last camping/backpacking trip in the olympic peninsula. i'm not sure where we'll go this time, but i'm sure it will be awesome.

1.our lewis and clarke moment 2.ocean! favorite campsite
4.what the tide washed up 5.spectacular views 6.hittin' the trail

2. last year, due to an unfortunate accident, i was only able to participate in one little overnighter with these beautiful folks. however, ken, our fearless horse-program coordinator, has kindly invited me to hook up with the current Youth Dynamic Adventures team for a recon trip. even if charlie can't make it, maybe i will be able to go.

ken, rachel, aaron

3. camping at washington park.
if i was only allowed one place to pitch my tent this summer, it would be here.

good times hanging in the hammock with george

4. i want to go camping somewhere next to this river in montana. turns out i just happen to have 2 good friends living near missoula. how lucky am i? it would also be great to stay a few nights at the nearby glacier national park. jill might even come, too! magic!

5. Boyer Park. Boyer Park. Boyer Park.
yes. yes. yes.
i loved camping here with this fire-lovin', bath time splashin', scooter ridin', fish catchin', crew last summer. doing it again, even just for a night, would make me very happy.

1. wyatt and the cow-chip fire 2. nona jo takes a bath
3. kerouac in his early years 4. the fisherman

warm fires; starry skies; sleeping bags; crickets; bright mornings; fresh air.
summer at its best.

Friday, July 2, 2010

countdown - 6

6 days/6 siblings

yup. i have 6 pretty incredible brothers and sisters.

our most recent family photo from summer 2008. i think we need to get an updated version of this--little winona is no longer in the womb! (and if you're wondering, the beautiful girl down in the left hand corner is my brother's girlfriend, courtney. i'd be pretty pleased if she became my 'sister' too.)

i'm hoping we might be able to negotiate work, fudge with vacation schedules, and overcome long distances so that all 7 of us can be in the same place at the same time this summer. if the 'whole gang thing' doesn't work out though, i'm bound and determined to grab some good quality time with each of the BROS . . .

1. galen--my best friend brother (p.s. he made me promise never to post this picture of him online. however, since that was like at least 8 years ago, i'm pretty sure whatever i agreed to back then no longer counts.)
2. walter my man--the brave, silly, snuggler brother
3. Reid (Read-A-Book) McGraw--he's my caring, conscientious, growing up too fast brother (he's almost 8!!! how is that possible???)
4. wyatt--my turbo-powered adventure-buddy brother

. . . and enjoy some sweet time with my BABY SISTERS.

5. nona—she’s the most delectable of all baby sisters (I'll just be happy if she remembers me!)

6. HB—my pragmatic, steady, rock solid, not-so-baby, baby sister; (she might grumble a bit about mowing the lawn or packing up my belongings for yet another move, but if i really need her to help me, i know she will be there. no matter what.)

i can't wait to be with you all!!!!!!!!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

countdown - 7

7 days/7 harvests

1. carrots (ok--i know they won't be ready when i'm home) 2. berries
3. beans 4. tomatoes (photo from pilliebee)

i miss living, growing, green things. i miss walking barefoot through a freshly tilled garden. i miss seeing the wind ripple the wheat in the fields. i miss fresh, straight-from-the-earth produce. i miss the picking, washing, canning, freezing, planning, and anticipating that goes into gathering and processing a summer crop.

yeah--i'm just a little excited for the summer bounty in washington. not sure i'll be able to get enough of things like . . .

1. warm, sun-ripened raspberries (grandpa's garden, dad's garden, and the local berry farms here i come!)
2. blueberries (did i mention that they're pricey over here? 20 usd for 1 cup!)
3. juicy, flavorful tomatoes that you can just pluck off the plant and pop in your mouth
4. sweet strawberries (that actually TASTE like strawberries)
5. peaches (that actually SMELL like peaches)
6. bowls and bowls of cherries from the tree out the back door at dad & wendy's house
7. palouse winter wheat (so i don't really harvest this--i just like to ride in the combine once a year with dean)