Sunday, July 4, 2010

countdown - 5

5 days/5 camping trips
summer just wouldn't be summer without a few camping trips!

i don't have definite plans, but i do people and places in mind:
1. camping with faith. i have such good memories of our last camping/backpacking trip in the olympic peninsula. i'm not sure where we'll go this time, but i'm sure it will be awesome.

1.our lewis and clarke moment 2.ocean! favorite campsite
4.what the tide washed up 5.spectacular views 6.hittin' the trail

2. last year, due to an unfortunate accident, i was only able to participate in one little overnighter with these beautiful folks. however, ken, our fearless horse-program coordinator, has kindly invited me to hook up with the current Youth Dynamic Adventures team for a recon trip. even if charlie can't make it, maybe i will be able to go.

ken, rachel, aaron

3. camping at washington park.
if i was only allowed one place to pitch my tent this summer, it would be here.

good times hanging in the hammock with george

4. i want to go camping somewhere next to this river in montana. turns out i just happen to have 2 good friends living near missoula. how lucky am i? it would also be great to stay a few nights at the nearby glacier national park. jill might even come, too! magic!

5. Boyer Park. Boyer Park. Boyer Park.
yes. yes. yes.
i loved camping here with this fire-lovin', bath time splashin', scooter ridin', fish catchin', crew last summer. doing it again, even just for a night, would make me very happy.

1. wyatt and the cow-chip fire 2. nona jo takes a bath
3. kerouac in his early years 4. the fisherman

warm fires; starry skies; sleeping bags; crickets; bright mornings; fresh air.
summer at its best.

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Laura said...

I love your blog, Molly! You inspire me. We miss you over here but I hope you're having a fabulous summer at home.