Wednesday, June 30, 2010

countdown - 8

8 days/8 ways to be more fit

1. climbing trees 2. biking 3. kayaking 4. sunset runs along the interurban trail

after all of that eating, i also plan on getting some exercise. i'm looking forward to old, familiar routines:
1. lovely jogs around Lake Padden, along the North Shore Trail, through Whatcom Falls Park, all over Chuckanut, & down Boulevard
2. kayaking at Lake Whatcom
3. dusting off my boots and helmet for some horseback riding!
4. going for a walk around 'the loop' with my Grandpa Jerry & my Grandma Nita
5. lots of running, hiding, playing frisbee, climbing trees, throwing water balloons, chasing, exploring, swimming, and pushing the tire swing with my favorite kids

i'm also looking forward to trying some new things, too:
6. melting during Bikram yoga
7. attempting the Lake Samish Tri (just a sprint one)
8. biking from my mom's house to my Grandpa Bruce & Grandma Rina's house

up and at 'em!

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