Friday, August 20, 2010

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (21-30)

In no particular order . . .

21. Monks
Emerson says, "Men are respectable only as they respect." In Thailand, this applies perfectly to monks who are esteemed and honored in society. Really, it's no wonder.
  • Refrain from destroying living beings;
  • Refrain from taking what is not given;
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct;
  • Refrain from false speech; and
  • Refrain from taking intoxicants.
According to these 5 most important rules that form their code of conduct, it's obvious that "consideration for others" is kind of a big deal.

photo by pilliebee
22. Really great hostels
Top scores from Jill & I along with rave reviews from should verify that this is a great place. Book your first few days in town with Udee Bangkok, and your trip will be off to a solid start. Clean, helpful, calm, and beautiful are just a few words that quickly come to mind.

23. The Golden Hour
Softer lighting, warmer hues, longer shadows. 'Too much pretty' when you're in Thailand.

24. Silk
Somehow, through a process I don't really understand, a bunch of mulberry-bush-eating silk worms leave their old cocoons lying around aaaand {poof!} you get beautiful rainbows of silk scarves.

25. Friendship
The 5th video, "Future Hope," highlights the role relationships play at the Elephant Nature Park. A bit of caution if you watch some of the other videos--especially "Training Crush"--they're a bit more disturbing.

photo by pilliebee
26. Chedis and Elephants
Chedis, or stupas, are places of worship. They usually contain the remains of a Buddha. The one we visited in the picture above was supported by rows of Thailand's most sacred animal--elephants. Representing strength, power, perseverance, wisdom, dignity, and royal status, the elephants add deeper significance to the monument and the Buddha it commemorates.
I also think it's just plain pretty.

27. Glimpses of daily life
Benjamin Franklin should have added "doing laundry" to that list of his. I guess it's another one of those "certain" things that you just can't escape -- even if you live in exotic locations.

photo by pilliebee
28. Impromptu moments
. . . in which you decide to pile into the back of a pickup truck and head to the river.

29. Reclining Buddhas
Big, bright, bewitchingly beautiful.

photo by pilliebee
30. A Lovely Lack of Signage
I want you to know that first and foremost, we were conscientious and didn't scamper all over the ruins. However, I must admit that it was rather nice to be able to explore Ayuthaya without mass signage of the DO NOT ENTER, STAY ON THE PATH, DO NOT TOUCH, and NO PHOTOGRAPHY variety. A lack of law suits in Thailand sure opens up a lot more possibilities for curious travelers.


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I love this series, Molly! It's fun to relive our trip! :)