Monday, July 25, 2011

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (71-80)

71. Locusts. I hear they're the new bacon.

72. Geeky graffiti

73. Intricate details
When my brother was little he used to ask my dad all sorts of unanswerable questions. Dad, how many snakes do you think are out in that field? Dad, how many bears do you think are in those mountains? Dad, how many fish do you think are in that river? When I saw all of the mosaic work at the Grand Palace I felt like doing the same thing. Dad, how many little teeny tiny little tile pieces do you think are in that statue?

74. Fresh watermelon

75. Friendly faces (Another feature from the Grand Palace)

76. Thoughtful moments

77. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, even though you can't tell because the picture's so small, it's me! And I'm FLYING!!!

78. Cute artists who paint cute elephants at the Chatuchak Weekend Market

79. Ruins in the morning (Just another day in Ayuthaya)

80. Ruins at sunset (Just another day at Sukhothai)

♥, Molly

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