Saturday, October 2, 2010

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (31-40)

In no particular order . . .

31. Trains
After a few lovely days among the jungles and elephants, Ms. Jill and I boarded a train heading from Chiang Mai in the north to Bangkok in the south. It would have been a lovely trip if it weren't for the cockroach stowaways who were all too eager to share our cabin. Eww.

32. Beautiful moments
In-between one of my many naps on the beach, I happened to wake up long enough and at just the right time to see this exquisite sight.

33. Statues
hand : same-same but different : foot

34. Opportunities to use your gorilla pod? Endless.
The large number of curious local travelers peeking at us while we tried to take this photo made me feel like I was giving a simple 'how-to use your gorilla pod on the bus' demonstration.

35. Colorful street food
Novelty snack rainbow!

36. Baby Es
This little guy and gal were all about bath time, snack time, and looking cute. Really cute. Pha Mai was about 10 months old when we saw her in February 2010. Her best buddy, Chang Yim, was only 6 months old. With a loving family, a happy home, and a bright future at the new haven, they might just be two of the luckiest Asian elephants on the planet.

37. Pretz is pretty much my favorite novelty snack. Ever.
Although this picture highlights the pizza variety, roasted corn is my flavor of choice. Mmmm! (I'd be game for sampling a few more of their flavors. French toast? Could be good!)

38. Rappelling. Upside-down. In the rainforest. With one of your best friends.
Seriously one of my favorite moments in life. Thanks Flight of the Gibbon!

39. Cute and silly tour guides
We only took 1 formal tour on our trip and I'm glad we did. I think it helped me navigate the tourist blitz and get a better understanding of our very first Thai temple.

40. Supporting people who are making a difference.
The best part is that you can, too! Head here to check out a few simple ways you can partner with Elephant Nature Park to help these endangered animals. With only 30,000 of these giants left in the world, a little love can make a very big difference.


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