Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween!

le french toast and "where's wally?" (i suppose i would also respond to maldo if necessary.)

this year i went to two parties: 1 was a dress-up party with a 'red' theme. the other was definitely not a dress-up party. too bad i didn't realize that until after i arrived. walking into a gathering of 30 people and quickly noticing that you are the only one in costume must be somewhere on the list of 'classic awkward moments'.

ah well. good thing dressing up is my favorite part of halloween. i do love a good costume.

my travelator pals: jillie & frannie. i like them.

frances' costume was "death . . . by chocolate". clever, 'eh?

wishing you and yours a very safe evening!

p.s. look for a halloween update once i get more pictures of my friends and their costumes. there were some good get-ups this year!

p.p.s. what was/is your halloween costume? (hb, you better respond to this. do NOT tell me you were too busy with nursing school to dress up!)


mcgrac said...

Actual Mol, I worked on Halloween. And yes, I was too busy with nursing school to dress up.

Molly said...

noooo! things must be bad if you don't have enough time to dress up. hang in there! xoxo!

mcgrac said...

I guess one could say that I dressed up as a nurse. I guess it was pretty believable, because when I worked in the Psych ward today I got asked the whole day if I was a nurse.