Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer Edition 1.0: The Last Day of School

July 7th: School's out for summer!

Quite a few years ago, Jill's lovely momma decided to take her daughters out for ice cream on the last day of school . . . And it became tradition. Only a few years ago, Jill decided to take her roommate out for ice cream on the last day of school . . . And it became tradition.

First Year of Teaching

Jill was such a good friend to me during my first year. Even now, I am still so very thankful for all she did to help me make it to June! (P.S. If I look tired and emotional, it's because I was.)

Second Year of Teaching

My sweet Rosie made time to come join me for a little last-day treat. I love how we continued the good times with a delicious enchilada dinner, a perfect bonfire, and a night swim in Lake Padden. Such a satisfying end to such a good year!

Third Year of Teaching

Carrying the banner all the way to Abu Dhabi!

These dear friends and fellow teachers helped me keep my chin up despite all of the chaos. Your support was invaluable! Thanks ladies!!

From left to right: Shera, Jill, Hannah, Sarah, Jen, and Molly

In the words of my students, "Teechaaaaa! Finish!" (This must be said with a very drawn out 'a' at the end of teach[er] and a really strong, quick jab of the word finish[ed].)

Teacher finished!

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joanne said...

You just never know when something will become a tradition.

Lovely photos all.