Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer Edition 1.0: Blizzards

Blizzards in summer?
Of course.

My momma and I happened to be on a late night DQ run when we snapped this photo. We skipped the hot eats and went straight for the cool treats. Our blizzard was big time delicious. Just as good as I'd remembered it to be. In fact, maybe even better.


P.S. What's your favorite flavor?
I'm a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup gal through and through.

P.P.S. If you're really cool, you'll join the fan club.


Abigail Harkson said...

I love Heath bar blizzards...but Brandon makes fun of me for that saying that only old people eat Heath bar blizzards. Whatever, Brandon.

Thanks for making me crave ice cream, Molly...YUM!

Molly said...

i see a dq date in our distant future! i'd even try a heath bar blizzard with you. ;-)