Thursday, November 11, 2010

happy thursday!

happiness comes in many forms:

this delivery in my mailbox makes me happy.

(thanks, Ellie & grandma!)

this picture makes me happy.

(like stillabletolivewithmyselfasateacherevenwheneverythinghitsthefan happy.)

this facebook status makes me happy.

Cathy Mosher Doing well after foot surgery. Thanks for all the prayers and calls.

this memory makes me happy.

(who doesn't love bubbles?)

this song makes me happy.

Glee - Don't Stop Believe
Uploaded by Bugabookas. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.
(it can make you extra happy when you sing it with your cute little cousin, ciara, under a starry night sky in your grandparents backyard.)

this product makes me happy.

(silly neck)

and last but not least, this email makes me happy.

(really really happy! eeeee!!!!)

be back in a week!
or so . . .

happy thursday!

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