Saturday, November 6, 2010


living in an aparment building has its downfalls. however, it also has its perks--quick fixes rank high on the list.

first it was . . .

mold. all over my bedroom. making me congested. eww.
quick fix: reported it to maintenance then came home the next day to a newly painted apartment. (not sure if this killed the spores, but i hope so!)

then it was . . .

a gushing ceiling. a giant lake. wetlands in the kitchen.
quick fix: called the front desk and 30 minutes later they were installing the new water-heater. yes!

next it was . . .

nasty pollution. one dingy building front. yuck.
quick fix: 2 days of painting and presto!

i'm looking forward to the far-far-away day when i'll hopefully be able to afford my own place. in the meantime, however, i'm trying not to get too spoiled. if only home maintenance and repairs were always this easy!

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alexandria said...

How wonderful that they are speedy in making sure your apt. is cozy!