Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer Edition 1.0: Try-A-Tri

In addition to watching Reid race, I also had my own little 'event': the Lake Samish Triathlon.

Now I'd like to clarify that as far as I'm concerned, this was an 'event' -- not a 'race'.
Honestly, I'm kind of a weirdo when it comes to competing. It's a definite love/hate relationship. (Heavy on the hate.) I like having a goal to work towards, but that's about it. I absolutely detest the last minute training stress, the pressure I create for myself, and the morning-of-nerves that always seem to overshadow the enjoyment of it all. (Maybe it comes from my old Pony Club and eventing days?)

Before the 'event' started I was a real mess. Afterwards, however, I was already looking forward to my next one.

3 Things to keep the same for the next time:
1. Doing it with one of my dearest friends.
2. Just focusing on finishing.
3. Not letting myself wear a watch.

3 Things to change for the next time:
1. I'll make sure to train a bit more. In the weeks that lead up to the triathlon I was busy visiting friends and family all around Washington. That kind of made sticking to a consistent workout schedule a bit tricky.

A quick tour of the course with Freda & Wayne

2. I also know to put my bike together sooner rather than later. Waiting until the last minute was not the brightest idea.

Huh? How does this fit back together?

Forget it. I'm taking it to a bike shop . . .

3. Be a bit more prepared for the elements. After a stretch of picture perfect summer weather, the morning of the triathlon we woke up to a wet, rainy, and cold Bellingham. Bleh.

Not sure what percent of this snazzy expression should be attributed to nervousness and what percent to absolutefreezingness. At this point I just wanted to go home. Seriously. (Too bad my mom wouldn't let me!)

Finally, after all of the waiting, we got down to the real deal.

We're off! My sister swears that I'm somewhere in this shot. I'm not so sure, because right around this point I started charting my own course . . . (Another goal for next time? Staying with the group!) The best part of the swim was that the water was warmer than the air. I was actually hot by the time I finished the swimming portion.


The bike leg was my favorite. It was also the coldest. (I pretty much lost all feeling in my hands and my toes. Thankfully I was still able to control the brakes!) I liked being able to see people I knew out on the road (like a parent of one of my former students and my chiropractor) and I also liked the fact that I didn't have any technical difficulties. Thank goodness.

Running was my least favorite component. I had a super slow start. Maybe because my legs and toes felt numb? Maybe because my shoes and socks were so waterlogged that it felt like I was running with weights? Regardless, it took me much too long to find my stride and to pick up the pace. Definite area for improvement next time.

Coming on the home stretch! I'm pretty sure my legs were like lead at this point. However, I was able to rally and finish strong.

The very best part of the triathlon was the time I was able to spend with my former colleague and forever adventure buddy, Jane. (Let's just say I probably wouldn't have done it without her.) Training together was a true honor. Thank you!

Looking forward to summer season 2011!


P.S. Special thanks to my mom, Caitlin, and Larry for being our outstanding support crew and for taking most of the photos!


Emily Gottschalk said...

That is amazing and you should be very proud!
Emmy G

Molly said...

Awww! Thanks, Emmy!