Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

2011 is here!

Keeping with tradition, it's time for the annual "Highlights/Lowlights." (This post is for you, Momma!)

Lowlights: missing out on so much life happening back at home (weddings and babies and milestones, oh my!); unclear expectations at work; probably spending too much money on travel; the nagging feelings and negative consequences of disorganization and lack of time

1.Camping trips (Jan.) 2.Thailand (Feb.) 3.Emerging writers (Mar.)
4.Hump Day Dinner Group (Apr.) 5.Egypt (May) 6.India (June)
7.Charlie (Jul.) 8.Mountains (Aug.) 9.Turkey (Sept.)
10.My students (Oct.) 11.Nepal (Nov.) 12.Dear friends, both near and far

Highlights: the little people in my life (like 4 special redheads and about 100 adorable first graders); being able to drive; camping trips; moleskin notebooks; snuggling under warm blankets; sunsets; learning new words in Arabic; the color of the water in the Gulf; bicycles; trapping cats; blissful summer months in Washington; letters from grandmas and grandpas and friends; mountains; breakfasts at Old Town; doing things I didn't think I could do; friendships forged while traveling; when my little girls write stories; creating 'family' in Abu Dhabi; rock climbing; hosting Caitlin in Abu Dhabi; Glee; hearing "I love you, Miss Molly" from my sweet students; paddleboating at the beach in December; small-group; going to faraway places I never really believed I would ever get to see; balmy, sunny days; riding a happy, healthy Charlie; Chacos; Hump Day Dinner Group; friendships that have lasted despite the distance and spordic communication; my dear family . . .

. . . aaaand all the great folks who stop in and visit my little blog. Thanks for being a highlight in 2010. I so appreciate your kind thoughts, your friendly reminders, and for sharing in such a big year.

Wishing you much beauty and light in 2011!

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Wendy said...

Great memories. Happy New Year!