Thursday, December 16, 2010

She's Here! (Day 2)

On Caitlin's second day, I was hoping to take her to the beach. However, strong winds, cooler than normal temps, and a few errands, led us to "Heritage Village" instead.

"Heritage Village" is a living history museum depicting pre-oil life in the UAE. If you haven't noticed, MUCH has changed in the last 50 years.

No more hauling water from the well.

No more sleeping in tents.

No more getting from point A to point B courtesy of a camel.

No more life without AC!

"Heritage Village" also offers a lovely view of Abu Dhabi.

City Skyline (and sandy skies)

Our next stop was a Hump Day Dinner Christmas Party at Jill's
It was a lovely evening: fire a-roasting, soups a-simmering, gifts a-giving, candles a-glowing, snowflakes a-cutting, and a lot of stories and chatter.

This lady even made another guest appearance as Ms. Claus.

The results of our snowflake making contest.

Merry Christmas, Caitlin--UAE Edition!


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MissAnna said...

So glad she made it! Hope you two have a lovely Christmas :-)