Saturday, December 25, 2010

She's Here! (Day 6)

We spent Caitlin's last full day in the UAE between Ras al Khaimah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Our first outing of the day was to Al Zaabi Island or Jazeera Al Hamra (Red Island). This island used to be the domain of the Zaabis before most of the tribe relocated to Abu Dhabi in the late 60s.

Our host showed us his former home. Although originally in disrepair, the brothers decided to refurbish it so that they could visually share their "rags to riches" story with their children.

This simple compound is where S. (and his parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, and cousins) all lived. (Quite different from where he lives now!)

S. in the room where he was born.

Most of the village is in ruins.

Late that afternoon, we headed back to Abu Dhabi. We stopped in Dubai to visit the Emirate's epic "Global Village". We all did a little bit of shoppin' . . .

Caitlin and her cool sandals from India.

Some sight seeing . . .

Boats and canals

The crew heading towards the rides.

And a whole lotta eatin'. . .

Rose-water and rice flavored ice-cream from Iran.

Donut holes from the Emirates (My fave!)

It was truly was a wonderful weekend. I'm so thankful that Caitlin was able to meet S. and S., to spend time learning about new customs and traditions, and to have the rich and rare experience of being with an Emirati family. It was all very special.

Many thanks to our hosts!!

P.S. After our RAK trip we headed straight to Jordan. When we got back from Global Village we only had 5 hours to pack, clean the apartment, shower, and sleep before we needed to turn right around and leave again!

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