Sunday, January 2, 2011

looking forward to a . . .

. . . berry good new year with some berry good changes in store.

while on break, jill, caitlin, and i talked a fair bit about what we want to do differently in 2011. my list is by no means complete. here are a few of the (many) things that could use some improvement. it would be berry good to . . .
  • respond to emails (unfortunately it's pretty common for me to take 9 months to get back to someone. boo.)
  • pay off my student loans
  • organize my computer desktop and files
  • write my grandparents letters and emails; call them on the phone (i miss them!)
  • NOT allow myself to amass heaps of uncorrected papers
  • run a marathon (maybe a half marathon. or do a triathlon.)
  • get a new job (my contract in the UAE is up this summer. i think i'm ready for a new adventure.)
  • upload my photos onto facebook (i've got 14 months and 7 countries worth of pics to post!)
  • plan for the upcoming school semester; plan for each school week
  • dig deeper into friendships (i've been a very bad friend his year)
  • read more books (in general)
  • read A Million Miles by Don Miller, Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright, Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth, and more of the Bible (specifically)
  • trim back my google reader and keep only the blogs that i really like (thanks, caitlin for pointing out i have over 1000 posts to read!)
  • eat more vegetables and drink more water (always)
  • travel. (maybe prince edward island. or the seychelles. or new zealand. or china.)
  • bike through a country. (maybe spain. or the ukraine.)
  • be more loving, affirming, and patient with my girls
  • finish blogging about my trips to thailand, egypt, nepal, and the PNW. start blogging about azerbaijan, turkey, india, and jordan.
  • save more money. (maybe for the beginnings of graduate school. maybe for the beginnings of a down payment.)
  • cook more often
  • be better about letting people know they're appreciated
  • follow through on my commitments
  • lose some weight
  • be more balanced in how i spend my time, money, and energy
  • do more yoga
  • keep things simple. (he he!)
i'm still strategizing. i want my goals to be obtainable, helpful, worth the work, and--well, berry focused.

stay tuned . . .

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