Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo Club Assignment #14: Flash Photography

Going to be pretty straightforward about this one: It's been my least favorite assignment so far.

Originally, at our 'workshop meeting', we took flash photos with reflectors and lights, strobes and remotes and all of this other gadgety gear. I do agree that it made a big difference. However, when it came time to doing my assignment, all I really had to work with was the built in camera flash. Definitely didn't produce the same results that we had in the studio.

Flash Picture 1:

I took this photo when we were out playing in the desert with the Al Zaabi family. Although it's kind of a silly photo, I chose it because the flash was a bit more natural looking than some of the other images I'd taken.

Flash Picture 2:

We were given the flash assignment right before I went to Nepal. Sitting around the Monkey Temple at dusk seemed like a good time to practice. This is what happened. Again, not my favorite photo, but kind of the best out of what I had to work with.

So much more to learn!

To see the other members' submissions, head here. There are some good ones!

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Wendy said...

Molly, I'm so glad you have a wonderful group of people to share with and learn with. You are doing a great job!