Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photo Club

A few months back I bought a new camera. After successfully killing my beloved Canon point and shoot in a vandalized old Soviet ballroom . . .

(it died during this very photo shoot)

. . . and then drowning my waterproof camera at Wild Wadi,

(this, people, was the honesttogoodness beginning of the end)

. . . I wasn't sure if I was ready for a more serious camera. However, a quick hop down to Portland, a lucky Craigslist find, and a little reassurance from my family was all it took for me to wind up with my first DSLR camera.

My very first picture!

While I don't have a single regret about purchasing my camera, I do -- quite frequently -- regret not knowing how to use it to its full potential. So when my friend invited me to join her at a photo club, I timidly accepted. I do have to say that it's been a bit challenging to share my pictures with other people and to ask for feedback--but it's been good, too. Most meetings either involve learning a new 'technique' or sharing the results of our latest photo assignments. Although I don't really think I'm much better with using flash (assignment #14) or doing food photography (assignment #15) the little nudge to take more pictures has been worth it.


P.S. I'm just beginning to learn about all this stuff, but some of the members are quite accomplished. Make the jump to check out some of their professional portfolios!
Brunilda Monnig Photography
Brad Kerr Photography


Jill said...

You're supposed to SHOW US the photos from Photo Club. Duh!

Caitlin said...

Nice shirt. Very classy! Have you killed your other waterproof camera yet?

Molly said...

wait till tomorrow! the pictures are coming. :)