Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Headlines from the Camping Trip

Early this spring, a couple of friends organized a camping trip. I was more than happy to join along. And since I only made it out around the campfire and under the stars once this year, I thought I'd try to sensationalize things a bit.

Location, Location, Location!

A friend of a friend recommended trying out Dhabbiya, a place near enough to Abu Dhabi. It had 2 great features: a dried up salt flat and mangroves. Both were good for exploring.

photos by Sarah & Molly

The sunset wasn't too shabby, either.

Girls Stabs Big Toe With Stick

Yeah, within 5 minutes of getting out of the car. I'm good at stuff like that.

Champion Kite Tourney!

photos by Hannah & Sarah
I loved getting to fly the kite in such a wide open space without having to worry about power lines, cars, or if the kite was going to accidentally dive-bomb someone on the beach. It was also pretty fun teaching folks how to fly a stunt kite. There were some real naturals!!

Men Rescue Dying Turtle!!

This poor turtle was in sorry shape. It looked like he'd been trying VERY unsuccessfully (and for quite some time) to reach the water. Mike and Allen decided to give him a lift and help him on his way. When his flippers touched the sea he didn't really seem to have much energy and barely managed to swim out to deeper water. I really hope he made it. Say strong little guy!

Fire Ring Explodes on Innocent Bystanders

photo by Sarah
Remember all of those big cracks in the sand flat? Turns out that they make some mighty fine bricks when you pull them up from the ground. We thought we'd found the perfect solution to keep the wind from blowing our campfire out. Really--we just found some natural explosives. Good thing no one was hurt.

Midnight Attack: Men Push Tents Around

photo by Sarah
Okay, okay--not really--it was just Mike's dream. Although we had fun flying the kite in the afternoon, the wind grew considerably stronger that night. Sleeping (even with earplugs) was a bit of a challenge. At some point, Jill's boyfriend had a bad dream about angry men coming and harassing the tents. Easy to see why--the wind was powerful enough to basically fold our tent in half. Who knew tents could bend like that? Seriously.
Although this picture doesn't show the windstorm/sandstorm, it does show that everyone was up with the sun, ready to break down camp. If I remember correctly, the idea of going home to nap in a real bed in a quiet apartment was pretty motivating.

Not Enough Time Outdoors--A National Crisis

photo by Sarah
And a personal crisis, too. It felt so nice to be outside, to play in the water, to sit around the campfire, to watch the clouds and the moon.

Just what I needed.

P.S. You can read Sarah's posts about the weekend over here!

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