Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good news, not-so-good news, and WONDERFUL news!

The good news:
I'm doing okay and you shouldn't worry.

The not-so-good news:
There's been a small bump in the road.

I've been granted one week of leave!! During my 7 days away from school I'll make a quick (and I mean quick) trip to Washington. The timing is right and thanks to my sister's university graduation and my cousin's wedding, I should be able to see everyone in my immediate family along with most of my extended family. Yay!

In addition to seeing people I love, I'm also hoping to see some . . .

and a lot of other wonderful Washington gems. I most certainly plan on enjoying myself while I'm in the land of soy chai tea lattes, sane driving, ginger blasts, fashion freedom, Old Town Cafe, sunsets over the bay, bacon, and mountain vistas. Aaah! Please pinch me and tell me this is really happening!!

Be back soon!

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