Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Half-Way Point . . .

Here are a few of my favorite memories from the first half of 2011:

♥ Greeting my girls each morning at school; (It's all about handshakes, twirls, fist pumps, high-fives, and hugs.)
♥ A really fun birthday party
♥ Three special encounters in Beijing; It was pretty neat to randomly meet Elaine (a friend of a friend from Hawaii), Elijah (a passionate Chinese Christian), and Maui (a fellow traveler from Abu Dhabi)!
♥ Seeing the dolphins swimming along the fjords of Musandam
♥ Feeling loved and cared for by my "Hump Day" Family & by my Bible Study gals
♥ Learning new things about the world--sometimes by traveling there; sometimes by reading books; (I especially enjoyed this book.)
♥ Visiting The Great Wall of China; hot pot with locals; relaxing at the Summer Palace; novelty snacking on hawthorns; traveling with my dear friend, Jen
♥ Being with people I love from back home; video chats on Skype when I'm away
♥ Having a great co-worker & car pool buddy who never fails to make me laugh and who somehow accepts me just as I am (Believe me, she deserves a lot of credit for this--like when I insist on leaving at 5:15 each morning or when I'm beyond exhausted and freaking out because I still haven't finished my report cards or when I'm making mountains out of molehills.)
♥ Spending time with the children at Shepherd's Field; They were perfect.
♥ Hiking Lost Lake Overlook and being overwhelmed by God's goodness; I'm pretty sure my heart grew a couple of sizes. The experience was overwhelming.
Being hired by a proper International Baccalaureate school (Updates coming on this one!)

From top to bottom: Happy Graduation H.B.!; Jen & Asa at Shepherd's Field; Shakira concert with my wonderful co-teacher; my benati; Great Wall; Skyping with Dad, Wyatt, and Dandy; dolphins; my UAE family

Looking forward to what God is going to do in the next six months. I have a feeling it's going to be one of my biggest and most challenging adventures yet.


P.S. I'm piggybacking off of this clever post.

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