Saturday, July 23, 2011

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (51-60)

And the reasons continue . . .

51. Fried banana blossoms.
They tasted kinda like French fries.

52. Sunsets
(Long Beach, Koh Chang)

53. Gold pedicures at Wat Lokaya Sutha

54. Prayers

55. ~a rainbow of taxis~

56. Fresh fruit dusted with the sweet & spicy prik kab klua!
To make your own seasoning mix Thai chili, salt, and sugar. Mmm!

57. Elephant skin (the legal kind)

58. Warm, tropical waters (So wondrously nice! Especially compared to the frigid waters off the coast of Washington and Oregon!)

photo by Jill
59. Water lilies
P.S. You should read this book. It's a favorite.

photo by Jill
60. Solitude. At last.
(It was a relief to escape the party scene at the definitelyNOTlonely Lonely Beach!)

♥, Molly

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