Sunday, July 24, 2011

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (61-70)

61. Blooming flowers and temple blessings

62. Cheap tickets! (Well . . . at least cheaper than if we'd flown from Seattle . . .)

63. Bruno
We have Bruno, an unsuspecting German traveler who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, to thank for some good laughs. I had my suspicions when he first boarded the van wearing padded spandex shorts that he was not planning on visiting the elephants that day. I was curious, but had to wait over 8 hours to find out the rest of the story. The pieces started to come together when he very crossly expressed his displeasure with the whole Elephant Park experience. Turns out he'd originally signed up for a bike trip, but had accidentally boarded the wrong minibus. It was a complete mountain biking FAIL for him, but a definite source of comic relief for us. All we had to do for the rest of the trip was mention "spandex" or "Bruno" and we instantly felt better. In fact, all these months later, it still makes me smile.

64. Crazy tour guides who are obsessed with DSLRs and won't stop posing you so they can take your picture!
"Ma'am--I am like professional!!"

65. Inside jokes

66. Interesting desserts.
Ever tried toasted pound cake with custard, raisins, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles? Neither had we!

67. Time for silly poses (Yes, we like our photo shoots.)

68. Cute puppies

69. Pad Thai
The standard for good and cheap street food has been set!

70. Palaces . . . big, glitzy, Grand Palaces
Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot also visited. Their photos are absolutely gorgeous; you can see them here and here.

♥, Molly

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That train photo still cracks me up! :)