Saturday, July 30, 2011

100 Reasons You Should Go To Thailand (91-100)

91. Old ruins, new life
Sukhothai , the heart of the kingdom during Thailand's 'golden age', was pretty spectacular. I don't think a trip to Thailand would be complete without a stop here.

92. Puddle jumpers. (Particularly baby elephant puddle jumpers.)
The day we went to the Elephant Nature Park was my very favorite day of the whole trip. Even if you don't have time, you should make time to stop in and visit.

photo by Jill
93. Orange
The bright, vibrant colors everywhere were an unexpected but much appreciated simple pleasure.

94. Wat Arun, Temple of the Dawn
Lonely Planet may not rank this place an essential attraction, but I really enjoyed the beautiful river views from the top of this temple.

95. Clean public restrooms.
Although it's an unglamorous topic, the availability and cleanliness of washrooms can make a big difference in one's experience. (Hint, hint Nepallll!)

96. Treehouses (Can you see it? It's tucked into the jungle.)
Climbing trees = One of my favorite things; Treehouses = Even better. This was like the Thai version of Swiss Family Robinson. Fun!

97. Timelessness
I like the contrasts of this picture. And the overall mix of modern and ancient that we saw throughout the country.

98. Checking things off the life list
Before we started planning the trip, "riding an elephant" was on my life list. After learning more about the training process however, it was enough for me just to be close to them. It's pretty great to get to do things you've always dreamed of doing!

99. Happy surprises around every corner
Seems like every moment we turned around there was something new to appreciate or try. Several months and several trips later, I think I can say that Thailand was one of the happiest trips I've ever had the pleasure of taking.

100. 2 THUMBS UP for unforgettable experiences and wonderful stories! Thanks, Jill! Thanks, Thailand!

♥, Molly

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