Friday, July 1, 2011

Bump In the Road--Part I

Some posts are harder to write than others. This post has been a particularly difficult. So like all good avoiders, I've been putting it off . . . and off . . . and off. I've had over a month to think of the best way to say what I want to say--and I still don't think the right words have come to me. However, I've come to the point where I know I just need to get on with it. So here goes . . .

Part 1: A Slow Start

photo by Sarah
One time in Turkey I tried to ride a moped. I say tried because once I turned it off, I couldn't figure out how to start it again.

Way back in this post I mentioned that I was having some trouble with my 'silly neck'. Well, the pain didn't really go away but instead it started affecting my shoulder.

Frustrated that my shoulder no longer allowed me to lift weights or rock climb or do yoga, I decided to go see an orthopedic surgeon to get some help.

Four different orthos later, I was no closer to figuring out what was causing the problems.

photo by Sarah
No luck. This baby won't fire up!

One evening while I was sitting on the couch correcting papers, I noticed my neck kind of hurting in a funny way when I would look down. When I felt around, I also noticed an odd little bump. I figured it must just another sore muscle or something.

Later that month I showed my chiropractor the bump in my neck. He said it was a swollen lymph node but not to worry since I had several swollen lymph nodes on my neck and shoulders. Since some of them were painful, it was probably just a sign that my body was fighting an infection. He did, however, recommend that I see a doctor to make sure.

photo by Sarah
Even with Skylar's help I couldn't get it started.

When I went to the doctor, he laughed at me and sent me on my way with some pain killers for my shoulder. He was sure that the lump in my neck was just an infection, but ran a blood test anyway. I never got the results; I figured if something showed up they'd let me know.

Towards the end of March life was even busier than usual. I landed a new job in Saudi Arabia. I was swamped at school. I went to China. I was overly committed at church. I got a new health insurance card that took over a month to arrive. The shoulder pain had become a part of life and the lumps in my neck didn't really concern me much.

I felt fine.

My mom, however, was not convinced. When her nagging got to be too much I finally promised her I would go to the doctor.

photo by Sarah
Doesn't this just look like the face of a promise-keeper?

Well, I would eventually . . .

♥, Molly

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