Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Chemo.

One down, three to go!

photo by Hannah

Last Thursday I had my first chemo treatment. Heading into it, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'd heard everything from "It's no big deal--really, it's quite undramatic," to "You're gonna wanna die." The most common responses from chemo vets went something like it's just so hard to know how you will react since each person responds so differently. Ambiguity lead to a little bit of apprehension. I have to admit I was a little nervous going in. Eek!

It's a good thing Hannah was there.

photo via Hannah
All of my friends in Abu Dhabi have been so good about helping me out, but Hannah deserves some special thanks for her efforts last week. She willingly gave up her whole day off to join me in the hospital for my treatment. We were told that it would only take a "couple of hours"--little did we know that it would be a full 11!!

Some of the minutes during those 11 hours were spent working on paperwork and insurance. Some were spent at the cashier's desk. Some were spent at the pharmacy trying to fill prescriptions.
But most were spent lounging. And waiting.
Waiting for the nurses to put in my IV.
Waiting for the hydration packs to finish.
Waiting for the pharmacy to mix up the drugs.
Waiting for the A pack to finish.
Waiting for the B pack to finish.
Waiting for the V pack to finish.
Waiting for the D pack to finish.
Hannah was such a trooper! She kept me feeling loved and entertained from start to finish.

This is pretty much what I looked like for the vast majority of the day.

photo by Hannah

It was basically like having a lazy day of nonstop chilling. It was nice to chat with the nurses, talk with a few visitors, and look at the trees out the window. Hannah and I both asked several questions but then tried not to think too much about the answers. It was nice to distract ourselves with Modern Family and a special Jones the Grocer lunch. (Thanks, Allan!)

Even though I was worried about it hurting, I really didn't feel any discomfort throughout the treatment. So I must say, many thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Please know that your love (from near and far) has made such a difference. The day definitely went better than I was anticipating. It wasn't all fun and games, but as you can see . . .

photo via Hannah
it wasn't so bad either!


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