Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blast from The Past

Both my mom and my grandpa recently sent me photographs from a few years ago. I love how they're all of me doing what I've always been able to do well: Enjoy summer!

The pictures reminded me of the work of a rather interesting photographer, Irina Werning. Her "Back to the Future" series is both quirky and cool.

Pancho from Buenos Aires (1983 & 2010)

Flo, Maria, Dolores (1979 & 2010)

Nico in Buenos Aires (1983 & 2010)

Mechi in Buenos Aires (1990 & 2010)

Flor, Male, Sil (1983 & 2010)

Marita & Coty (1977 & 2010)

What I'm most fascinated by in all of these pictures is the clothes. How did they find such accurate big kid versions? If you're interested, head here to see more of her "Back to the Future" work. (Just to warn you--there's a few kids who are not completely dressed, hence . . .)

♥, Molly

P.S. I also think the fast forward fifty years version of this pic would be pretty awesome. Ha!

Uncle Chip, Uncle Roger, Aunt Karen, my dad, Aunt Linda

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