Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 2--Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

30(ish) Days of Fun::Caitlin's Arrival to the First Day of School
inspired by Mighty Girl

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Caitlin, Jenny (a friend & co-worker), and I finally finished watching the monumental Harry Potter saga today. It all started a few weeks ago during my 3rd chemo treatment. At that point I hadn't seen a single movie in the series and I'd only read books 1-5 way back during the summer of 2008.

While we were in the hospital, we sort of caught Potter-fever. It resulted in more than one late night movie marathon. I was also forced to spend hours on the couch resting and reading books 6 & 7. Such. a. shame. Our mania came to a peak this afternoon. After watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I at home we had just enough time to rush to the theater to see Part II. From there, Jenny left directly for her summer vacation in the States!

I was envisioning a photo of Caitlin and I standing in front of the movie poster for our 'day 2' pic, but that didn't work out so well when I left the camera at home. Instead I'll use a picture from our little Hogwarts themed brunch.

I put the menu together from memories of the Saturday breakfasts we used to have at Capernwray.

I think it came out basically the same--aside from the addition of homemade English muffins (recipe here) and butterbeer (recipe below).

Recipe for Butterbeer
original recipe here from HELLO, My Name is Heather; Serves 6

Ingredients for the butterbeer:
1 bottle beer or ginger ale

3 bottles cream soda
3 T butterscotch ice cream topping

Ingredients for the frothy sparkle:

corn syrup
fine and coarse sugar in gold and yellow colors; (or if you're in a pinch, plain white sugar mixed with few drops of yellow food coloring also works)

1. Chill beverages and a glass pitcher
2. Dip the rim of each glass in corn syrup; then dip the rim into a plate of colored sugar
2. Squeeze butterscotch topping into a tall glass; add a little cream soda; mix until thoroughly combined
3. Pour all remaining soda into the glass pitcher
4. Add butterscotch mix to the pitcher; stir
5. Serve over ice immediately

I enjoyed both the books and the movies much more than I thought I would. The character growth, the clearly defined struggle, the challenge of real relationships, the examples of sacrifice, and the story of redemption--there's a whole lotta good stuff going on. I'm not saying they're my favorite books, but I would argue that Harry Potter has all of the elements of a great story.

I've never imagined myself admitting this, but now that I've finished, I do think the series actually is worth all of the hype.

And in the words of Ron and Hermione, "Always the tone of surprise." ;-)

♥, Molly


Lena said...

How did you like the butterbeer? I definetely want to make some soon because I really like the Potter books. A Hogwarts themed brunch really sounds like a lot of fun :)

Molly said...

the butter beer was great. we couldn't find any butterscotch ice cream topping, but it still turned out well. i'd love to hear how you like it!