Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 26--Ski Dubai FAIL

30(ish) Days of Fun::Caitlin's Arrival to the First Day of School
inspired by Mighty Girl

Ski Dubai seemed like the perfect grand finale to Caitlin's trip and a great way to celebrate my Abu Dhabi anniversary. (2 years on August 22!) Unfortunately, 'the coolest thing to do in Dubai' became 'the coolest thing NOT to do in Dubai'. It was a true FAIL. As you can tell by the picture, we made it there--we just didn't quite make it out on the snow. The slope is closed and isn't set to reopen until the first. Bummer.

♥, Molly

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Hannah Kim said...

eeks! i realized as i was unpacking that i had moved my gloves to a different location! :(