Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad & Wendy!

If I had a 'family birthday month,' August would be it. There are special dates on the calendar for the step-mom, the mom, the grandma, and the dad. Today happens to be the birthday of the dad. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

"Working on the Farm" from the talented This Paper Ship

This print is a birthday gift for both the dad and the step-mom. (Sorry I wasn't home to frame it and deliver it in person! I hope it's arrived in the mail by now!) The instant I saw it, I thought of them--they both love to garden and they both love each other. Every time I glance at the illustration, I get these very same impressions. Plus, in real life they look extremely similar to the cute little cartoon couple--boots, basket, cowboy shirt, smirk and all.

Wishing you good things all year and especially on your birthday(s)!
♥, Molly

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Wendy said...

thank you... we love it! (smirk and all;)