Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 29--Henna

30(ish) Days of Fun::Caitlin's Arrival to the First Day of School
inspired by Mighty Girl

 For Caitlin's last day in town I convinced her to get a fun little souvenir of the UAE:  henna.  She didn't try it when she came the first time, so I was extra excited for her to have the experience this go-around.  Due to awkward bug bites all over my arms, I was content to hide beneath my cardigan and just watch. We tried a new-to-me salon and were most happy with the results. (I think.)  Although she burned her leg in the drying process, it was worth it. (I think.)  Nobody ever said that being beautiful was easy.  ;-)
Thanks for coming, Caitlin!  I'm going to miss you--you've made my summer extra special!!
♥, Molly

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